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An entry on the Vendors List is available to any offshore outsourcing company that registers its details on our vendor registration database and agrees to include a link to our web site from its own web pages.

Entries are greatly enhanced by photographs, so a picture of your facility or team can be included as well. Please note, we only accept photographs, we will not display corporate logos.

If you've already registered and you didn't agree to provide a reciprocal link, then your company will not be listed. To be included on the list you must first agree to host a link to our site and e-mail us to confirm that you will be doing so. Details of how to link to are given on our Links page.

Normally we use the company description text provided on your registration form as the basis of your entry. You can provide alternative text (and photographs) to us at [email protected].

If you haven't already registered your Company's details with the European Centre for Offshore Development, we suggest you do so now, and take advantage of your free web link. Don't forget to tick the Reciprocal Link box on the first page of the Vendor Registration Form, to confirm that you will be providing a reciprocal link.

Please Note

Our staff check all submitted text and web sites before they are put on the list. New entries are currently uploaded only once a month.


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