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kepler's development facility

Kepler - Bucharest, Romania

Offshore Outsourcing Users' Group

The Offshore Outsourcing Users' Group has been established to enable people and organisations involved in the purchase and operation of business services provided by offshore suppliers the opportunity to exchange information, advice, and establish best practices.

Visit the Offshore Outsourcing Users' Group web site.


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The European Centre for Offshore Development are independent outsourcing consultants headquartered in the UK with a sales office in North America and representative offices in many of the emerging economies. eCODE advises customers on the appropriateness of both onshore and offshore outsourcing for their business, and helps them formulate and implement appropriate outsourcing strategies.

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First time outsourcers with minimal exposure to the outsourcing market generally find it more effective to utilise the services of sourcing advisory firms such as eCODE to structure the deal, help in the vendor selection process and set up outsourcing governance and an active vendor management office.

eCODE brings added value and can help your company:

  • Determine if it is ready to outsource
  • Prepare to outsource, by reviewing and advising on amendments and additions to internal processes
  • Select an appropriate outsourcing model
  • Select an appropriate country and supplier
  • Project Manage your outsourced projects and outsourcing suppliers
  • Convert a difficult offshore project into a successful one
  • By accepting full onshore accountability for the delivery process.

This web site provides information on our services to potential and existing Outsourcing Users. It also provides access to a range of outsourcing resources from around the world, including regularly updated outsourcing news, and details of outsourcing exhibitions, conferences, seminars and events.

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CCP's call centre facility

Call Center Poland - Warsaw

eCODE enables its customers, partners and affiliates to capitalise on the many years' outsourcing experience of its staff and consultants. We advise businesses based in the UK, Western Europe and North America on outsourcing both onshore and offshore and we assess if they're ready to outsource.

  • If an organisation is not ready to outsource, and it's appropriate, we'll help them define and implement the steps and processes needed to select and work with an appropriate supplier
  • If an organisation is ready to outsource, we assess their short term and long term goals, and help them select and implement the most suitable outsourcing model.

Infotech - Hyderabad, India

We advise our customers on selecting the most appropriate on- or offshore partners for their needs by evaluating their requirements and cross matching these with over 2600 suppliers either in their own country or world-wide. You can also submit details to search our supplier database online. We manage the delivery of the entire range of outsourcing services including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Offshore Development Centres (ODC), Call and contact centres, project based offshore software development and remote system maintenance and support.

By establishing and constantly refining a broad base of outsourcing suppliers located throughout the UK and across the world, we can provide access to and optionally project manage high quality, economic resources.

eCODE typically employs a four phase approach to help businesses enter into outsourcing:


  1. Analysis: research the customer's requirements and readiness for outsourcing.
  2. Strategy: determine the best overall outsourcing strategy for the customer's business.
  3. Transition: vendor selection, costing, contract negotiation and initiation.
  4. Implementation: project management, review and monitoring, where appropriate with a phased hand-over of control to the customer.
  5. Outsourcing Resources: Continually audit, update and augment our list of outsourcing suppliers world-wide.

Our management team is fully experienced in various forms of outsourcing projects, enabling both customers and suppliers to maximise the benefits outsourcing affords, while ensuring the pitfalls are avoided. Based in UK, with working hours overlapping with Eastern Europe, Asia and the US, our project managers are ideally placed to co-ordinate and manage outsourcing projects for customers based in Europe and America.

Want to know more?

Europe: call us on +44 (0) 23 9248 3700 or e-mail us.

Or browse our web site, and read about the latest offshore outsourcing events and News

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Contech - Gandhinagar, India

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For vendors we provide experienced European based project management for customers in Western Europe and North America. We ensure the projects are professionally managed by a local team, reducing the number and cost of onshore resources the supplier requires to support their projects. We also provide assistance for offshore service suppliers wanting to operate in the UK and Europe through a series of initiatives helping them to set up a local business centre. Our services to offshore outsourcing vendors include:

  • The promotion of offshore outsourcing to the UK and Western Europe via our web site, newsletters and by attending and speaking at seminars and conferences
  • Hosting a list of offshore outsourcing providers on our web site, for our participating partners and affiliates
  • Including our partners and affiliates in the vendor selection process for our customers' offshore outsourcing requirements
  • The provision of project management services. Because we are well versed in dealing with offshore contracts, we help both our customers and suppliers avoid the problems that beset many offshore projects, ensuring their ventures are a success
  • The provision of a local presence for vendors in the UK and Europe
  • Finally, we undertake sales calls and provide local support to vendors' existing teams in the UK and Europe.

Before offshore outsourcing vendors can be considered for our customers' projects, they must be registered on our vendor database. There are no charges for registration or for participation in our Affiliate & partner schemes. Once registered, providers are appraised and considered in response to requests to tender and for proposals.

Completing the registration form will take around 45 minutes. You will need to supply extensive financial and project information so that we can perform an initial assessment of your company's suitability for up and coming projects.

We also recommend that you register for our Vendor e-mail updates if you haven't already done so.

Want to know more? Visit our Vendor Area.

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