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About This Form

Welcome to the ECODE supplier locator. This simple 2 page form is for existing and potential outsourcing customers to submit key information concerning their offshore outsourcing needs. This information will be used by our team to perform an initial search of our outsourcing supplier database and produce a list of outsourcing suppliers that match the requirements provided.

Contact us for a detailed assessment of your requirement and to discuss our offshore outsourcing supplier selection service.

Please Note: Due to the popularity of this facility, ECODE is no longer able to answer queries from offshore outsourcing suppliers or educational establishments. Unfortunately we are also unable to send details to public service e-mail addresses (for example: VSNL, Hotmail, and Yahoo).

Supplier Selection Criteria

You can restrict your search to outsourcing suppliers that meet the following criteria:

Minimum Number of Employees

Geographic Location:

Quality Assurance System:

  ISO 9000
  CMM Level 3
  CMM Level 4
  CMM Level 5

Indicate the type of work you want undertaken.

  Business Process Outsourcing
  Call Centre

Note: The term 'Software' is used above to indicate all aspects of computer software development including Web development.

Please indicate the business domain you require help with:


What areas of software development, maintenance or support are you looking for help with?

  Web Development
  Application Development
  Legacy System Development
  Embedded Systems Development
  Support and Maintenance
  Independent System Testing
  Independent User Testing

Please provide details of your requirements:

If known, include details of the programming languages, operating systems, databases and other tools needed to deliver your requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing - BPO

What areas of your business are you looking to place offshore?

  Finance and Accounting
  Transcription and Data Entry

Please provide details of your requirement:

Call Centres

What type of call centre do you want to establish?

  General Help and Support Desk
  IT Help and Support Desk
  Out-bound Sales
  Out-bound Marketing

Please provide details of your requirement:


What types of document are you looking to outsource?

  Process Documentation
  IT User Guides & System Documentation
  General Documentation

Please provide details of your requirement:

E- Mail Address

To be able to e-mail you a list of matching suppliers, we require your e-mail address. Your results will be mailed to you as soon as our team have checked the results of your search of our offshore outsourcing supplier database.

E-mail Address:

e-mail policy

Add to Mailing list 

Unacceptable e-mail address

Unfortunately we can only send responses to corporate e-mail addresses. Any submissions from public / free e-mail addresses will not receive a response. The e-mail address you have submitted has been assessed as not being a corporate e-mail address. Please try again with another address.