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Thank you for your interest in either attending or hosting an initial meeting to advise and discuss with you your Company's potential interest in Outsourcing.

The object of the meeting would be to consider and advise on your Outsourcing plans and to suggest a range of 'best of breed' alternatives for you to make informed decisions on how to proceed - with or without eCODE. We are prepared to spend between two and four hours with you and/or your colleagues without charge. Please note that this will not involve a 'sales pitch', but the opportunity will be taken to present and discuss a variety of vendor-independent options and recommendations that are right for your business.

The meeting is completely free of charge and can take place either at your own offices, at eCODE's Portsmouth, UK office or at the IoD's offices in central London. Should your own offices be more than two hours' travel time from the nearest eCODE office, then we would seek to recover our travel expenses at cost.

The meeting places you under no obligation to proceed further, but should you decide to do so, then eCODE's normal consultancy rates will apply to any subsequent meeting or work undertaken; a copy of our published Rate Card together with a one-page General Information Sheet will be automatically e-Mail'd to you once you have pressed the 'Submit' button below.

If you would like to request a meeting, please either telephone us on 023 9248 3700 or complete and submit online the short form below. Once we have analysed the information on the form, we will contact you by telephone in order to arrange a mutually convenient date, time and venue.

If you have concerns regarding the confidentiality of your application, please rest assured that your request will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. You might also want to read our confidentiality policy.

Please note that this service is only available to Users or potential Users of Outsourcing, and not to Suppliers, Vendors or other Outsourcing Advisors.

Please ensure you complete all the dark grey fields on this form.

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BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
CCC - General Call & Contact Centre
DMO - Document Management Outsourcing
ITO - IT Outsourcing
KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing
RAM - Remote Application Maintenance
THD - Technical Help Desk

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